Please read this letter from Pastor Rex, as we start a new year and consider the work that has yet to be accomplished.

Dearest Ministry Family,

God bless you! I am believing for wonderful things for all of you this year! Thought you would love this brief update.

On January 9th I was in Queens Criminal Court all morning and began negotiating a program in lieu of incarceration for another one of our sweet boys from Rikers, named Dennis. After our first success a month ago for Caleb I am filled with expectancy. Dennis is built like a mountain. Haha! If you met him, you would just love him so much as I do.

The next day, I went back and actually met with his attorney, the Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the major crimes unit, and my direct contact with the Fortune Society, one of the most highly accredited re-entry programs in the city. The ADA actually promised that Dennis would not do ANY time!

What a Miracle!

The ADA also loves The Fortune Society, and I convinced them to put forward a program for Dennis.

We are setting up a video conference next week for Dennis to verbally fill out the forms for The Fortune Society. Barring no incident, please pray in agreement with me, that Dennis will receive the offer.

Finally, when the court called his case we received a postponement until January 30th. On that day Dennis will appear in court, his attorney will present the program, and the ADA will give his offices approval. Then God willing the judge will get on board. We must continue to pray. If I have learned anything in these 36 years in prison ministry it is the unpredictability of it all. So continued prayer and reliance on Christ and Christ alone is the only answer. Ha! Yet again! Go Jesus!

After court I met one of Dennis’ three older brothers, all of whom have been in legal trouble, Rudy. He wanted to talk so we hung out and I took him out to lunch, then drove him home, and miraculously by God’s grace led him to Christ. We are going to see this entire family go from the pits of the projects to the praise of His name!

What an exciting beginning to this new year! We are going to witness many wonders to behold in the face of transformed lives. If any of you want more stories and want to hear more about the vision for 2018, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

I love you all to life!