First 2018 Riker's Island Update, Entry from PR from 1-19-18

As always, it was another Holy Ghost experience at Rikers. I was able to spend some meaningful time encouraging some of our CO’s (Correction Officers). Our life support bible study for our boys was also very rich. By God’s Grace, I have found so much favor with many of the CO’s. We have come to an understanding that when they identify any young man who really has promise, something special, they introduce me to that person and turn him over to me for a heart change. What fun! It is amazing and very humbling!

They have already seen Jesus do incredible things in so many of the lives that attend our classes that they are now encouraging these young men to become involved.

I had one of these boys in class yesterday. Please pray for him, TR. He is an exceptional athlete and may have the potential to play professionally one day in basketball or football. He is special, but I also believe every young man, every person is special, just waiting to come into their destiny.

Primarily, what we are doing is encouraging them to look forward, to feed their destiny in God and stop feeding their history. You can’t feed both simultaneously. The enemy always wants to pull them back, to beat them down, to remind them of why they will never achieve anything meaningful. However, the spirits of darkness are only as powerful as the boys allow them to be, and are only strengthened as they are fed with discouraging thoughts and negative speech. We have been focused helping them cast down their thoughts and imaginations that throw them into the ugly backstory, and in the power of the Holy Spirit we are driving their lives into God’s loving arms. In Jesus’ name! Ha! Always in Jesus’ name!

TR is being released at the end of February. It appears as if he really is hungry for God. He said yesterday that regardless of how busy he is he wants to go forward with Jesus as his head coach. He is currently being scouted by some D1 schools and could possibly wind up with a full ride somewhere that would provide an avenue to display his talent. Please be praying for this young man. He is very smart and I really think he has a shot at a fully orbed life. What a testimony he will be.

Do you remember Dennis? Well, he has been approved for the program with Fortune Society. Hallelujah! His video conference went great! Thanks so much to those who have been praying. He is scheduled to go back to court on the 30th and God willing will be immediately released into that program. I am also ministering to his entire family, and this week will be heading down to his eleven year old daughters elementary school to set up some tutoring for her as she is a flower waiting to blossom. Her name is Kayla and she is so precious. She already has a sense that she doesn’t have to live a life of mediocrity and be conformed to her surroundings. Kayla lives in the worst projects in Queens and the moment you walk into the hallway you choke on the smell of ganja, urine and curry. It is nauseating!

Please pray for her and for her mother Cherry. I think I may have a contact that will help Cherry get a better home attendant job. Currently she travels two hours by subway every day, each way, to work at $11 dollars an hour. It looks like I have found her another agency that will start her at $13 an hour and place her closer to home, cutting travel time down to 30 minutes each way. This will save her life as her current situation is killing her. God is the Way and has a good plan for each of His children. Please agree with me that this new direction will be part of hers. Go Jesus!!!

I love you all to life and am so grateful for your continued participation in my life and our work. Please pray for a consistent cough that I'm trying to fight as well. 



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