Changed Lives

First 2018 update from Woodbourne Correctional Facility, from the desk of PR

I am just coming out of the men’s class B in the Catskills. It was such a blessing.

I think we are on the brink of a revival. God is transforming lives.

There was a deep sense of family between the 21 of us that we have developed over these past 3 years. There was a spirit of faith and expectancy and everyone was touched and changed by services end. It was palpable.

In Big Larry’s words, when I came in he said, “Poppa Rex. I need a hug right now. It’s been a tough month.” He continued, “how are you doing?” I answered, always honestly, as religious garbage does not play in this arena; I said, “challenged but blessed because I know He lives and lives in me! Ha! Amen!!!”

At the end of the meeting he came up to me with a big hug and said, “I am different. I am changed! That’s what I’m talking about. Changed lives! The consensus was unanimous, Jesus showed up! Hallelujah!