From the desk of PR

A recent Bible study that we held was simply amazing

We discussed what it means to place Jesus First. And then enforced the idea by watching the movie “Fireproof.” 

Some of our boys are facing serious (prison) time and they are becoming strategically focused on the promises in God’s word. They have begun to realize there is no answer for them except Jesus. Hallelujah! 

We are also crossing over the threshold regarding prayer. For many months I have been teaching them that prayer is what we do before anything else, not what we do after we have tried everything else. Im teaching that prayer should become our first breath not our last gasp. Oh for Jesus to raise up these young men as ambassadors of reconciliation, right now, in the rock, right here, in their units, while they learn to keep standing on the “Rock.”  Amen!

I will be at Queens Criminal Court all day tomorrow from 10am, and by the grace of God, at days end, after much spiritual warfare, Dennis Coleman will be remanded into my custody. I have a meeting at 10am with the ADA of the Major Crimes Unit, his fantastic attorney Barry Goldberg, and my contact Manuel Patino representing the Fortune Society. The Fortune Society is the most highly acclaimed re-entry program in Queens our jurisdiction. Go Jesus!

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