~From the desk of PR ~

What a service we had today at the Mission.

Here is the praise report:  First, I am very thankful for my supporters' prayers as they always release so much faith into my heart, and fuel my ministry. 

The room was packed with approx 150 people plus. At the alter call, so many hands went up for first-time decisions, as well as those who were just responding out of a hunger for more of Jesus in their lives. I preached into the violence in their lives relating the violence of the cross as the release point for Abba's power and peace!

It changed the atmosphere.

Two new men made commitments to enter the Bowery 21 day program and get off the streets. This is a major victory when a person wants to step out of the old habits into a new life. One was just released from prison. It's so cool to see people take these big steps.

The Pastor of the 21 day program was deeply touched by the service; he was brought to tears. They are also about to start a women's program on site. How exciting!

Tomorrow evening we are back at Rikers Island ministering to a difficult crowd, where there are rumors going around such as "Don't go listen to that old white man -- he will brain wash you...." We know we have God on our side.