Monday at Rikers was absolutely amazing! God is opening  so many doors for me here at GMDC to share Jesus and also pray at roll calls for Correction Officers. Every Monday we offer our amazing basketball and strength training programs in the gym. However, today in addition, I was extended an invitation at the 1 and 3 o'clock roll calls to pray and share a word about Jesus. There were five captains and one chief at the 3 o'clock call representing approximately 30 men and women. Even before signing everyone in, all the senior officers turned to me in unison and said, "Pastor Rex, please pray, but first give us a word." There is never anything before the officers are signed in, and this is jail, where protocol is a major part of security and is never deviated from, I guess, unless the Holy Spirit says so. Ha! It was spectacular! 

I just keep showing up! 
I just keep loving everyone around me the way Abba loves me, and God opens the door of each heart and brings the increase. ...Brilliant!

As I left Rikers I went directly to my dear brothers church in the deepest part of Brooklyn. Officer Davis is my officially assigned CO in the facility. George has worked with me faithfully approximately 20 hours a week over the past 14.5 months. This is my fourth time visiting his church and I am honored to be continually invited back by both George and his precious Bishop. Tonight Bishop Anderson asked me to preach a little extemporaneously. Ha! Jesus met us and what fun we had talking about the power of God. 

Building relationships is foundational to successful ministry. Tonight was a very special occasion as their church was celebrating their final day of 50 days of consecutive prayer. It was rocking tonight at Little Bethlehem Apostolic Faith Church. I was right at home! Ha! So much love! So much Jesus! God's grace still amazes me. 

I am so grateful for all of you that partner with us monthly and pray for us daily. 

Love you all to life,