Riker's Island - First Post

It began when I walked into the first security checkpoint. Normally I would have had to carry my cumbersome box of books and supplies on the Riker's bus and through another two check points. They said no Pastor, you have a special pass and can drive your car directly through the gate and right to the unit. Ha! I found out this doesn't happen to just anyone! 

Then once inside and we began, all these precious young men, some gang bangers, remained engaged for the full two hour session. What an amazing time I had with these young men at Riker's Island last night in the midst of the howling wind and rain, as I spoke life into these young men and declared life over them.

At least one person there had been in the crypts. And he was a handful trying to disrupt everything in the class, but by the end of the two hours he was so sober and shook my hand as he was departing along with everyone else. Ha! 

Then at the end when I prayed all the participants (8) received Jesus!

As they departed they shook my hand and hugged me. Some probably have never hugged a man before. It was spectacular!

As I was leaving Rikers, all the guards were there in riot gear. I turned to the 30 or so guards and said I want to pronounce a blessing over all of you. They were stunned at first but then so grateful. Ha! I bet that has not happened there in a while. What a perfect place for atmospheric shifts. After I addressed them you could feel Abba's peace in the air, and they were still in this riot gear - what a contrast! 

I have been invited to come in now and to address 20-30 correctional officers on the block in their prayer meeting and to speak on prayer and then lead them in prayer on an upcoming Friday. Amazing!


Much Love,

Beginning of the year, 2017