Riker's Island Update - March 13, 2017

Tonight they asked me (PR) to go into the jail dorm where the boys sleep and make the call-out for the class. I was able to enter the dorm and preach to about eight boys and four guards and beg the boys to join us.

Afterwards, one of the guards asked me what bible and supplementary books she should purchase, and to recommend a good church. I told her about Hillsong and she seemed on board. It was heavenly!

A young man there decided to come with me and one of my leaders, and we returned back to the classroom where we teach. He came begrudgingly and got so saved tonight! Abba is on the move!!! I had two beautiful Life Application Bibles and made them gifts to these two men (names redacted for privacy). It was perfect!

How humbling! Bless Jesus' name forevermore!

These boys are all facing stiff time, but I believe I have been presented with the unique opportunity to raise up an army, and as they are sent to other long term facilities, they can go as missionary-evangelists. And if I can raise the proper help we can track them and continue to encourage them.

As I am entering the inside of the facility tonight I see a really familiar face. Turns out that brother Alvarez is standing there also stunned. He was a pastor at the Bowery Mission for 6 years. We became very close as I was counseling him through some rough waters. He had to resign because of family problems and go back to Brazil where he went through seminary. He is now back and a correction officer at this jail. It was crazy to see him here! What an affirmation that I am in the right place at the right time. ...Very grateful. 

The atmosphere here is already beginning to shift from violence to peace. I need more prayer than ever before. This unit houses approximately 450 adolescents and 450 men. One of the leaders I'm working with would like to have 900 adolescents but right now no programs exist. We are going to write up some programs. I just submitted the first one today for their approval.

This facility on Rikers Island is called The George Motchan Detention Center or "GMDC". The warden is also born again, please pray for her as she is standing in the gap fasting and praying, and for one of her great leaders, an officer (name redacted for privacy). They host a Correction Officers For Christ prayer meeting each day that I have become part of leading every Friday. It is wonderful!

Lord bring Your fire!