~A short devotion from the desk of PR ~

Here are three cogent questions to ask yourself and then to answer when facing any challenges. They are from the book "2 Chairs." The answers help us get our eyes off ourselves and back onto the goodness of Jesus, (His cross and His resurrection.)

To think that Abba willingly values us so much that He purposely gave up His only Son for us will always boggle my mind. We are His treasure and workmanship, and cannot be compared to anyone on this earth around us, as it's not fair to them, because our heavenly Daddy says we are just to valuable. Haha! Yippee!! Go Jesus!!!

1. Does God know your situation?

(Ps.44:21, Ps.94:11, Rom.8:26-27)

2. Is He big enough to handle it?

(Ps.28:7, Ps.59:16-17, Ps.81:1, Ps.118:14, Is.12:2, Is.40:29, Mk.12:30, 2Cor.1:8-10)

3. Does God have a good plan for you?

(Jer.29:11, Ps.34:8, Ps.55:22, Ps.85:5, Ps.100:4-5, Ps.118:1&29, Phil.2:13, Col.1:19-20)

Here is a corresponding thought. "If you saw the size of the blessing that's coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting."