This describes our latest opportunity to serve our community at Rikers and their families.

I arrived exactly on time Tuesday morning at Brooklyn Criminal Court and actually arrived a few minutes before Richies attorney and his dear mother Neely. I had a great talk with the senior assistant district attorney, who was prosecuting,

and then we went into court and they brought Richie out of the holding pen in the side room. Richie was shocked to see me but gave his mom and I a big smile. His mother told me that no man has ever stuck up for him before, in his entire life, until now. That was so sad but it appears to be prevalent with all these young men we are serving at Rikers. Jesus come quickly and raise up men to be husbands and fathers in the black and hispanic communities.


The judge could not have been kinder to me and we hit it off. She actually took my ministry card and we discussed working together, where she would refer me to children at Rikers that she felt would benefit from spiritual direction and encouragement. It was amazing! In her words she said, "Pastor Rex, that would be all of them." Abba, please help me expand this vision. Ha! What a wonderful dilema.

Richie could have received 7 years with 5 years probation. He received 5 and 5. We were praying for 3.5 and 5. It was perfect that I was there for his mother. She was just born again a few months ago and I will be bringing her to Hillsong this Sunday. God used me to hold her together. I clearly saw Abba using me as His hand or she might have lost it in the courtroom when they read his sentence. As painful as it was she agreed that Richie was in God's hands.


Last week Richie and I prayed at Rikers and he invited Jesus into his life. He is only 18 and his dad died of a heroin overdose when he was 11. So it had been tough going but never to difficult for Jesus. His mother is magnificently saved!!!  She is a gem!

To say I am grateful for your prayers is a gross understatement. I can't do anything apart from your prayers.


Love you to life,