“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” - Matthew 4;19

Happy Resurrection Day to you all! Jesus has risen!

God bless you! I preached this past Easter morning at 7am during the roll call, to some 50 plus CO's in Manhattan Detention Center in Chinatown. This is one of the most violent jails in NY. Look at God's sense of humor. It is nicknamed the Tombs, so here I am on Easter Sunday, preaching a resurrection message, in one of our most violent facilities called the Tombs. You just can't make this God-stuff up. Ha-ha!

Naturally, as I always do on this day, I closed the message with much of the information from chapter 7 in "More than A Carpenter," "Who Would Die For A Lie" is the title of the chapter I used. I strongly urge every Christian to become very familiar with this valuable material.

Many of the Correction Officers and Captains became very emotional as I closed in prayer and the Holy Spirit flooded the room. The information in this book changed my life and is the clearest evidence, next to scripture, establishing the validity of the resurrection.

Love you all, and so does Jesus. 


Happy Easter,

Pastor Rex ("PR")