Each second Sunday at 12 noon we lead a service in the chapel area of the Bowery Mission. 

Abba has blessed me with a faithful, faith-filled music minister, Dee Mo, and his lovely wife Anne. Every month they bring together 5 to 15 worshippers to lead the Bowery community into the presence of God. It is always very special. Yesterday was no exception. 


After I shared a message on knowing God's love, using a dramatic presentation of the story on David and Goliath, we had some amazing responses. What fun!

As I wrapped up the presentation with prayer I made an invitation for anyone to come forward who wanted additional prayer. 


Andrew came running down the aisle with tears in his eyes. He said he had been running away from God and it was time to run back to Him. We got on our knees together and prayed as he wept and returned to Jesus. He rose with a huge smile on his face which reflected a new heart. 


Then a man named Augustine came down slowly using a cane; he told me one of the most horrific stories I have ever heard. This past Easter there was a carbon monoxide leak in his ex-wife's building, that somehow filtered into her apartment and killed her and his 12 year old son while they slept. On the same day his mother who had been battling cancer for several years also died. On Easter! His life was shattered and his world completely destroyed. He asked me what he could do to survive. I was speechless, but then he fell into my arms crying and we called on Jesus together. I prayed for Jesus to come and supernaturally comfort his heart, and that in time, Abba would use him to bring God's comfort to others who appeared inconsolable with grief. Only God can meet a need of this magnitude and bring comfort to Augustine, as our Heavenly Father also knows the pain of losing His Son to the horror of the cross. He did not have a bible so we got him a bible and some food, loved on Him some more, and he appeared somewhat hopeful.  That in itself was a huge step forward. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks. 


The last person to come down was a man from inside the Mission's rehabilitation program.  He said to me that he was always confused and asked what he should do to end that ongoing uncertainty. We prayed and concluded that Jesus's love was always the answer to every question.  The reassurance that Abba loved him, and that he could always respond in Christ's love back to the Father, seemed to be all he needed. We agreed with scripture that knowing Jesus better each day was what unlocks our eternal destiny on earth. He smiled and said he was no longer confused and now knew exactly what he had to do. Praise God! 


Our other team members were also in the chapel praying for many men and women. One woman they had started supporting was there and gave a great praise report about being clean now for three months, and that she was currently in process of filing papers to get her son back from a city agency. What a thrill that the young women from our Hillsong team had impacted her circumstances so decisively, since they started circling her life a few months ago. How exciting!


Then after the community had left to go next door to eat lunch our team gathered together and closed in prayer. One of our members wanted to receive the gift of tongues and appeared discouraged. I prayed for her and immediately she was touched by the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other tongues. We were all so encouraged as once again Jesus made Himself so personal. It always makes Jesus so happy when we come to Him in faith like His children to receive all He has for us. He is a never ending river of love and eternal resources. 


Yesterday evening before taking Joy and Lexie to dinner we went to a special service at our church, Hillsong NYC. After the service a 69 year old man named Carlos came down to receive Jesus. He was also homeless. Pastor Blaze was ministering to him and asked if I could assist. Right now Carlos is undergoing the intake process at the Bowery Mission to get into the program and undergo life transformation. Ha! Please also pray for him. 


Finally, one of my men at Woodbourne Correctional has had to do an additional year and a half after already completing his sentence, simply because he has no family and could not find any program to take him in upon release. According to NY State law the prison has to have an address to release the prisoner to directly. For insurance purposes they cannot be set free even when they have done all their time. Such is the case for Leo Proper. Once again I received permission from the Bowery Mission to give him a bed, and the Deputy Warden at Woodbourne gave me the go ahead to send him a letter stating he now had a recognized program to receive him. I preach at a Woodbourne this Sunday. I can't wait to read him the letter and give him the new hope of a fresh start.  


Thanks for taking yet another journey with me. I am preparing to go into the gang unit at Rikers today from 1pm to 7:30pm. Covet your prayers. 


Much Love,