We Fight Fire with Fire - Prayer Request for these 2 men

Late August, 2017 at Riker's Island

Yesterday at Rikers was both victorious and painful. My contact CO Davis and I were requested in another area where they take boys who have been involved in fights. One of my boys from the dorm where I have been concentrating for the past several months was moved and was telling everyone around him about Jesus, and about Davis and his pastor (me). When I was there, we addressed the whole group. Davis said to the entire dorm "let's pray". Everyone gathered in a large circle holding hands, I explained the gospel and they all yielded their lives to Jesus. Then after they all prayed with gusto, I had them all hug each other. As these boys were hugging, another CO in the back exclaimed "What's happening!?" As Davis and I were leaving I said to the other CO I bet you have never seen anything like that before and he said, you are right-never. Ha! Go Jesus!

Then we went downstairs to our other two dorms and called out a bunch of boys and proceeded back to the school area. I prayed for each one and then started teaching on the armor of God (Galatians 6:10-18). Then I put on a video about sharing faith. All of a sudden at our door several officers appear and pulled out two of my boys, Dennis (whose 19th birthday it was) and Katahj, and they never come back. As I am leaving after class I see them in a holding cell. What! Katahj tells me he has been accused of threatening a female CO in his unit and Dennis was held for instigating fights. Katahj is making incredible progress and there have been no fights in the unit. As early as that morning they were both in my basketball program. This is a spiritual attack directed on these two boys. My two favorite boys that I love, this is an attack on me! On Jesus! The princes of darkness will regret this day... Dennis is the one who hangs back after class for an extra hug and Katahj is always the first one in the entire dorm ready to go to class.

I rebuke you enemy, in Jesus' name!!

So I spent an extra 45 minutes with them reminding them of everything we have been discussing and praying about over the past several months. Dennis is 6'3" and 240, a beast, a fighter and as strong as a bull, he was ready to kill someone. I shared that wherever they are moved to, I will follow them, and we will evangelize an entirely new unit for Christ. I reminded them that the enemy loses, that the only way he can win is if they become violent when they are moved - justifying these bogus charges.. Oh, Jesus, please help us. I am believing for victory now! How unfortunate and cruel that they wait until they are in my bible study to arrest them.

More to come on all this.

I covet your continued prayer support. But the devil will regret this attack. He wants to play with fire I will show him the Creator of fire!

"As for me, I baptize you with water for repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, and I am not fit to remove His sandals; He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”
Matthew 3:11 NASB

I believe we are called to fight fire with fire! This is a battle and as far as I am concerned.. game on!

Pastor Rex