Changed Hearts and Open Conversations

PR at Riker's Island, post from 9/29/17

God's victories are blessings we get to share in, and boy, do we have some exciting news this time from Riker's Island!

Since I have been made the official Chaplain of Correction Officers For Christ so many officers are opening up to me at the deepest levels, and I am privileged to point them to Jesus. Captains and CO's ...very exciting! The appointment has given me an official voice to speak into their lives. Amazing!

Tonight all six boys were deeply moved in our Life Support bible study. Three of them who before today wanted nothing to do with Jesus prayed and opened theirs hearts and mouths to the Lord. It was very moving! It gets better. These boys have been labeled a menace to society. They were tearing up and hugging me and each other after we prayed. Jesus is taking care of these foul spirits that have tormented and lied to these precious boys over their entire lives.

As I am leaving I pass a young man in a holding cell. I walk over and start sharing the new life, and then I sing "Jesus At The Center Of It All." He is stunned that I would be so vocal and sing to him in the middle of this jail, with all the CO's walking by. Ha!

He turns out to be a leader in The Latin Kings and keeps beating up the toughest guys in every block. That is why he was in this holding tank waiting to be moved to still another unit. As we said goodbye he gave me all his information and I promised I would get him a bible. He is 18 years old and has been on his own since his mother shipped him to his dad. At 13 his crazy father put a gun to his head and he figured time to go into the streets. That is when he started dealing drugs and living the street life.

Please pray for him. He has been through a lot. 

Thanks for your prayers and support. 

Love from Prison in the Wild,

-PR (Pastor Rex)

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