Prayer in the Park - a blogpost

PR, entry from 9/29/17

My sweet wife Joy, Uncle Dan, visiting from Texas, and I, were just walking through the park, and I notice these two young Dominican boys who turn out to be 30 years old and best friends from youth. That is so young to me. Ha! I am such an old stinker. Haha! But I'm fresh in Jesus!

They come from great families, have college educations, and have excellent jobs, but still hail from the streets. Through some amazing circumstances I feel led to acknowledge them for what I saw them doing, showing an older lady respect who was asking them to put out a cigarette.

After I approached them and we started to talk, they told our group they had just been discussing about how to come closer to Jesus through more Bible study, but did not know how to make that happen. They said there were all these voices out here and they did not know who to listen to. It was the modern day version of Phillip running to the Ethiopian Eunuch, only Abba gave me two. Ha! Must be the modern version.

We had an amazing prayer time.

But I think they may have already been born again and this miracle was just an affirmation of what Jesus was already doing. Please pray for them. One of the boys comes from a Dominican, Jewish family that became Christians but he was never very interested. He had a life threatening accident last year on his motorcycle and God woke him up. He has been searching ever since.

Glory to God! All I appear to do is just keep showing up, loving Jesus, and then simply making myself available to His Holy Spirit and He does the rest. These seem to be the foundational keys for advancing the kingdom.

Love and prayers,