A Page from Rex's Journal

On a recent Sunday I preached at the Mission and had an amazing time! A man who was working there monitoring the service came up afterwards and said; just the previous month when we were there, he was at the end of his rope ready to go sell drugs because he was homeless and broke, and he came forward at the invitation and asked me to pray for him. In that one month literally, all we prayed started coming to fruition. He entered the Bowery Mission program, quit smoking, had become a leader in charge of some services, (which was why he was overseeing our service) and that the VA who had previously closed his files opened them, and realized they owed him approximately 20 years of back benefits totaling around $100k.

Honestly, I did not even recognize him! What a testimony.

Now as we know, it does not always go so radically in that direction, but if this was the only victory, this one life would be worth all the 35 years there of sacrifice.

Very humbling.

This was such a personal encouragement regarding what Abba wants to do in our prayer lives. All we need to do is continue showing up each day with Jesus. Yes, this is also a miracle, because so often our feelings betray us.

Together, with our donors like you, we can continue to see God's handiwork take shape in the areas in which we serve!

Thank you for your prayers and support! 

Love and Blessings,