Monday, October22nd, 2018

God bless you and thank you for your prayers. Yesterday we started as a team going back into the gang unit on Riker’s Island. It was such a rich time. One of the Christian CO's, CO Bell, a dear friend, took us around and introduced us to approximately 50 gang members in different high security units. These members were from various gangs and different sets at war within the same gang. We shared the gospel of Hope in Christ with each group as we introduced our programs. When we came to the most violent set who were Bloods, it turned out the biggest and most dangerous boy, Williams, knew me from last year at GMDC. He was always fighting but also wanting to hear all about Jesus, pray and then get hugged. It is so crazy! 

Last year there was another boy in his dorm named Santiago, facing 8-10 years. Santiago was charged with a violent felony where nobody was hurt but it involved him shooting at someone. I obtained permission from Santiago to become his mentor/advocate and started working with him inside GMDC, helping his mother understand her options, clarify information for his legal aid attorney, and also appear in court during our worst winter blizzard. That was a challenge! Ha!

After much prayer and assisting his mother in some major legal decisions God moved supernaturally. The day before sentencing, Williams, Santiago and I prayed, and obviously under the leading of the Holy Spirit, I declared the sentence would be reduced to three years. When Santiago went to court that morning the DA reduced their offer to three years. It was a miracle!  Praise God!

So when we ran into Williams yesterday he began telling all his comrades about that miracle!  All the other violent young men in his area were mesmerized. One boy who was obviously so angry when we had first arrived did a complete reversal and said, "please pray for me." When we first showed up he said, "I don't believe in Jesus!"  How wonderful!

This was amazing! In this episode I just described above, I had the opportunity to recommend a fantastic private attorney to Santiago's mom. Then she and her Christian mother scratched and borrowed to hire him in faith.  God used his expertise and our prayers to make this miracle happen. It was a winning combination! 

The Warden wants me back this Wednesday and each Wednesday at 6:30am to pray over and share a word with her 7am role call. Then to accompany her on a prayer walk to intake and pray and minister to the boys waiting to go to court, and also pray over and bless her fellow officers.  God has opened this door but we can’t take anything for granted. 


***She faces so much demonic attack each day that it is almost not to be believed! She is a saint and Abba’s instrument of grace as she handles each challenge with such abundant love and wisdom. Dep Cort can’t keep this up without a fresh daily touch from the Holy Spirit. 

This jail, RNDC, has been so heavy, and violent and oppressed for so many years for CO's and detainees.  You can feel the weight of the darkness.  But it also creates an atmosphere to experience the overcoming power of God’s light cutting through the darkness. We will break that spiritual grip, but it will take much concerted prayer and strategic effort. Last week I led two Crypts to Christ during our walkthrough on my first early Wednesday morning tour. All I can say is Abba honors childlike faith, and where sin abounds Grace Super Abounds. 

Go Jesus! Ha-ha!


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