Updates from PR

Mid September, 2018 (delayed blog post)

Prison Blog Updates

Had an amazing meeting yesterday with the female leaders of the programs department on Rikers at RNDC, the jail all the gang kids are going to be in as of this October. The doors are opening as I encouraged all these lovely Christian women in the orderly, yet divine process of how to walk and live the overcoming life. This is overcoming Holy Spirit life that exists despite the overwhelming circumstances in our lives. It was truly a time of hearts bonding. Please pray strategically for continued favor with CO Cody and these other brave female warriors as these women are the key. 

Go Jesus!  

Thoughts on Ministry Progress

So now, where are we?  Glad you asked. Ha! We are at a crucial junction where the opportunities to change our culture outweigh our resources to practically meet them.  Supernaturally we have open doors, but it is going to take a powerful team partnering with us to walk through them effectively.  I am sure you would agree open doors don’t remain open forever and we must strike while the iron is hot. 

We are smoking hot!  What fun!  I have learned through much personal suffering that the ways of Jesus are not my ways. Spirit life is about realizing your call. Then as you walk in that call by Faith, believing it is already done in heaven. And moving ahead on earth as if you already have the resources. This is walking by faith not by sight. This is when Abba delights in providing the resources, bringing heaven to earth, practically, through His people. Many are already partnering with us in this work, and you have been an unspeakable blessing, and my goodness are we ever grateful.  But the time appears to be now to expand our team in the areas of finances and prayer. 

When we walk in the fact that it’s done, but also continue bathing each step in prayer, God responds.  And in that process, God reveals any other areas of our lives that need to be jettisoned overboard and require transformation. I always need more of this eternal touch. I have learned through the fire that Purity is always attached to Blessing. That’s why His name is the Holy-Spirit. It makes sense doesn’t it?

We realize when we get this close to Jesus there are things that used to be acceptable that are just not anymore. We continue to violently throw off these areas, and our ship, our walk, becomes lighter and lighter. Our crawl becomes a walk, our walk becomes a run and our run becomes a dash. And we never run out of gas because we are not running in our own strength. Ha!  

Isaiah 40:31 

“Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” 

It is always all about the real Jesus!

To our donors and prayer partners:

I love you all and am humbled you are standing with us and that together we are an unstoppable force. Please look at our new logo on our website.  It is still a work in progress but it is certainly moving forward.  Would appreciate feedback.  You can also set up one time or monthly giving on our site under Donate. If for any reason you encounter a glitch, which happens sometimes, please call me and we will work it out together. Thanks much. 

Love you all to life,