Discipleship, Counseling, and Life Coaching

Our ultimate goal is to crush recidivism by creating a coalition of partners and people working together for this one purpose:  to create an environment that will offer a second chance, and to some a first chance, for the life God has called them to live.  Meeting with people in these meaningful ways is the first step for honest conversations, and life change that comes from new ways of thinking. The people are unreached, but we are called to reach them.

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“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Jesus' words in Matthew 9:37b-38

We’ve seen these words take form practically for our ministry through discipleship, counseling, and life coaching services.

The heart of discipleship is having honest conversations as we read the Bible, pray together, and point to Jesus as the good teacher.

We offer counseling for men and women of varying ages and backgrounds on marriage, business, and managing life in general. With a goal to walk free right where life finds you, PR brings his skills as a Pastor and Chaplain along with a lifetime of high and low experiences to help guide and instruct. As people start to see Jesus in everything around them, He immediately calms and colors everything.

Life is a journey, and the ministry of Life Coaching has developed to aid anyone who desires to live a life of success and freedom from fear and failure. Currently we coach people on Wall Street, Main Street and many still living on the streets. Drawing on his personal life experiences, some good and some bad, PR likes to say that his “blood is all over the walls of the operating room” when it comes to Life Coaching. It’s a big transition from the life of crime and brokenness to a life of productivity and purpose, and there’s plenty of grace to go around.

We initially offer our services free of charge to those who desire a life change. Contrary to the world’s point of view, we teach that true wellness happens from the inside out – and not from a source within ourselves, but from God. While we believe there is never any guarantee for what tomorrow will bring, there are techniques that can be applied to help deal with what we call the "unpleasant interruptions" of life.  So, instead of being swept-away into dark places, people are better equipped to exercise control, before challenges occur, by making positive life-changing decisions that will ensure a brighter future. We are Prison in the Wild.

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